Model No: RB 720B

1, Smoothly running saw blade height and angle adjustment via hand wheel;
2, Led shows saw blade tilt degree;
3, High quality and frame structure machine body;
4, Double roller carriage system to guarantee absolute precision and smooth running;
5, Torsion-resistance and low maintenance;
6, Perfect for cutting heavy large boards and plates;
7, Three different cutting speeds as standard;
8, Very accurate and solid rip fence with fine adjustment function;
9, Table extensions enable convenient working conditions;
10, Heavy machine with massive, rugged by precise construction for max. Cutting accuracy.


Dimension of sliding table 3200mm*430mm
Width of cut 1250mm
Maximum height of cut 90°/45° 120/95mm
Table height 850mm
Tilting style/blade up&down Manual/Manual
Maximum main saw blade size 400mm*30mm
Scoring saw diameter 120mm*20mm
Dust Collector inlet 100mm
Main power/Scoring power 5.5Kw/1.1Kw
Voltage 415V/400V/380V/220V
Speed of main saw spindle 3000/4000/5000rpm
Speed of scoring saw blade 8800rpm
Overall dimensions 3200*3150*900mm
N.W/G.W 850KGS/950KGS

Side view(strong frame structure machine body):

Back view:

Frotal face and controller button:

Led readout titling degree and controller button:

Handle wheel for blades up&dow and handle wheel for 45 degree tilting:

305mm(400mm Max.) big blade and 120mm scoring blade:

Scoring blade adjustment device:

430mm width double round rod guide rail with side bar:

Multiple stopping positions for sliding table:

Saw internal unit:

Electrical parts panel:

Strong gross fence:

Lubricator for linear guide rail of saw unit:

Strong rotating arm:


45 degree belvel on gross fence:

Strong stainless steel plate on side bar:

Lock for gross fence:

Eccentric swage:

45 degree miter:

Advanced protection hood:

Rip fence with fine tuning:

100mm diameter of inlet for sawdust:

Strong extented tables:

Model video:

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