This machine is shaped sanding machine. Adopt frequency control of motor speed, conveyor belt adopts frequency conversion. The thickness of advanced digital display control panel, workers easy operation, high efficiency and greatly improve the production and reduce the cost. 

Specification(1000mm width):
Model                              1000-6 new
Roller and disc Quantity 2 rows wheels+2 rows plates+2pcs rollers
The length of  sanding 200mm~3000mm
The width of  sanding 5mm~1000mm
working Thickness 5mm~160mm
Motor Power 2.2kw * 5
up/down control motor power 0.37kw
Swing control motor power 0.3kw
conveyor control motor power 1.5kw
Total power 9.15kw
Overall dimensions 2950*1600*1900mm


Information provision
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