MODEL R-RP1300 R-RP1000 R-RP630
The length of  sanding ≥640mm ≥600mm ≥500mm
The width of  sanding 40~1300mm 40~1000mm 40~630mm
working Thickness 2.5~100mm 2.5mm~100mm 2.5mm~100mm
No.1 abrasive belt speed 20m/sec 20m/sec 20m/sec
No.2 abrasive belt speed 18.5m/sec 18.5m/sec 18.5m/sec
Feed speed 6~30m/min 6~25m/min 6~24m/min
Size of abrasive belt (WxP) 1320*2200mm 1020*2000mm 650*1930mm
Total motor power 63.55kw 27.87kw 20.37kw
Working air pressure 0.55mpa 0.55mpa 0.55mpa
Consumption of compressed air 0.3m³/min 0.1m³/min 0.1m³/min
Speed of sucked air 25-30 m/s 25-30 m/s 25-30 m/s
Overall dimension(LxWxH) 2200*2650*2100mm 1750*1650*2000mm 1750*1250*1900mm
Net Weight 3600kgs 1900kgs 1300kgs



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