Model No.: RB 50ACY 


Edge thickness 0.4~3mm
Feed speed 18m/min
Panel thickness 10-50mm
Panel length ≥140mm
Panel width ≥50mm
Pre-milling motor power 1.8 kw*2@12000rpm
Glue motor power 0.37kw
Glue tank heating power 1.5kw
End cutting motor power 0.55 kw*2 @18000rpm
Rough trimming motor power 0.75 kw*2 @ 18000rpm
Fine trimming motor power 0.75 kw*2 @ 18000rpm
Buffing motor power 0.18 kw*2 @ 1400rpm
Total motor power 12.5 kw
Working pressure 0.7Mpa
Outline size 4100*800*1410mm
Package size 4150*890*1580mm/5.84cbm
Net weight/Gross weight 1250kgs/1450kgs


Touch screen controller:

Pre-milling unit:

Gluing unit:

Edge cutting unit:

Compressing wheels:

End trimming and rough trimming unit:

End trimming blades :

Fine trimming, scraping and buffing unit:

Rough trimming blade:


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 RB 50AY
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