Model No.: MJ 6226


This woodworking panel saw can be used on various of different materials : MDF, particle board, plywood, solid wood, PVC, Acrylic, ABS, aluminum etc. 
1.Special saw structure make the finish surface  very smooth, no need trimming;
2.High accuracy up to ±0.15mm;
3.Safe protection: use infrared equipment, the saw will stop once there is other things 10cm between the saw blade;
4.Electric components: use Schneider and Omron;
5.High efficiency, the production capacity is 3 times than a sliding table saw;
6.Easy operation, normal worker can operate the machine, no need professional person;
7.Dust collection to make the working environment clean.

Model MJ6226 MJ6233
Main shaft rotation 5600r/min 5600r/min
Groove saw blade shaft rotation 6500r/min 6500r/min
Max. Process thickness 70mm 70mm
Max. Process length 2600mm 3300mm
Main saw shaft diameter 30mm 30mm
Main saw blade diameter 355mm 355mm
Scoring saw shaft diameter 25.4mm 25.4mm
Scoring saw blade diameter 160mm 160mm
Total power 9.0kw 9.0kw
Overall size 5200*3500*1750mm 6200*3550*1750mm
Weight 3000kg 3400kg


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