1, Electrical control part adopts digital automatic control, electrical control components made by well-known domestic brands, low failure rate. Microcomputer temperature control, automatic send and receive search for temperature change speed, thereby adjusting the heating temperature in order to achieve precise control of temperature;
2, Using for infrared radiation heating system, heating uniformity, high quality insulation material, energy saving;
3, Using integration walking motor, reducer integrated, low noise, low failure rate. Table and out of frequency control;
4, Using the domestic top quality vacuum pump, the noise of small pumping speed;
5, Large capacity vacuum tank, double air channel go gas, explosive big suction box;
6, optional stainless steel rails.
All kinds of PVC film sticking on the furniture, cabinets, speakers, doors, decorative dado panels and other furniture. After the home improvement hot transfer and single veneer membrane may be affixed to cover the work.

Model No. TM2480B
Machine dimension 9800*1900*1800mm
Working table size 2550*1150/1300mm
Central supply system ≥1.5m3
Max. Working thickness 50mm
Working pressure -0.085Mpa to 0.095Mpa
Total power 18kw
Weight 2000kgs 
Max. Temperature 180℃
Packing size 3400*1800*2200mm


Optional color:


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