1, Adopting a brand new heating design concept, the overall cooling aluminum is gradually increasing with high efficiency. It is more complete and more uniform than the traditional heating method, saving an average of over 30% of power consumption;
2, New design pressure aluminum frame, special sealing silicone strip, sealing performance better;
Discard the traditional pressure lock device, the installation of a new cylinder pull plate pressure system, more convenient and faster, reducing labor;
3, Increasing the vacuum pump(140/202L/hour), pumping faster, more realistic shape of the plate in place;
Drive by the inverter control integrated reducer, chain drive. Low-speed start, high-speed operation, deceleration stop, he work piece to prevent displacement, operation more easily;
4, Comes with the end of heating system, work up and down at the same time heating to reduce the deformation of the work piece to improve the bonding strength;
5, New digital vacuum pressure gauge, the operation more convenient and accurate, clear observation;
6, Automatically cut PVC films, save labor.

Model No. GLORY 3000
Machine dimension 12000*2050*1800mm
Working table size 3000*1300*40mm
Central supply system ≥1.5m3
Max. Working thickness 50mm
Working pressure -0.085Mpa to 0.095Mpa
Total power 40kw
Weight 3000kgs 
Max. Temperature 180℃
Packing size 3800*1800*1900mm*2pcs


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