1, Main parts made of advanced CNC machine center. All frame gantry milling;
2, Manganese steel rack with overall processing composition, the overall structure is reasonable, it can assume 500T pressure;
3, Heating system using oil circulation heating, temperature uniformity, the aircraft is equipped with bottom heating, making the product achieve better performance;
4, The control system uses Delta PLC, man-machine interface operation, high degree of automation, with a variety of operating modes to adapt to different work piece;
5, Film heating up and down at the same time, increasing the activation temperature of the glue and improve the quality of the work piece edge portion, while slowing the cooling temperature silicone gel plate;
6,By circulating within the inner heat conducting oil heating, temperature uniformity greatly improved, high thermal efficiency. After heating tube is damaged can be replaced, extend the service life of the heating plate 5-10 years;
7,Auto cutter: to achieve semi-automatic cutting, cutting straight state section, saving the mask, working hours, material savings and improve efficiency.

Model No. TM 3000G
Machine dimension 12600*2150*2200mm
Working table size 3000*1270*40mm
Central supply system ≥1.5m3
Working pressure ≥0.5Mpa
Total power 63.2kw
Weight 16800kgs 


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